About Us

VTEK Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd. set foot in the business of wireless communication in 2006. Being young, vibrant and dynamic we nurture the endless fervor to serve the wireless markets with zeal to connect the world at ease.

We are wholesalers and distributors for wireless instruments and accessories and we endeavor to provide you with the best the market has to offer in the same. Equipped with 3,000 outlets and quality mobile accessories we believe ours is a brand to reckon with.

With one sole purpose in mind, to create equity for ourselves with our clients and end users, we pledge to dedicate ourselves to the business and invite you to a partnership that shall prove beneficial to both sides.

Moreover, our venture into mobile handsets is yet another milestone we endeavour to embark upon.

Let’s start a long lasting connection through an array of wireless paraphernalia like chargers, ear phones, batteries, mini pouch, connector cable, card reader, hot air gun, transparent case, screen guard, plastic housing.

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